Meme Man's 2:37 am Kazoo Party (Mercury Thread)

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Meme Man's 2:37 am Kazoo Party (Mercury Thread)

Post by memecurry on Fri Aug 19, 2016 7:39 pm

Name: Mercury Holden
Age: around 17
Gender: Male
Status: Alive, Rebel, Infected
Appearance: Short, messy blond hair covering left eye, light brown eyes. Usually wears a leather jacket and gloves, t-shirt, vest and flannel shirt underneath, black jeans and boots. 5'7, skinny build.
Rebels - co-leader with Morgan
Elites - views them all as enemies
Neon and Venus - sisters
Alan - boyfriend??
Allies/friends: Morgan, Willow, Luna, Chase, Ryann, Ash
Personality: Friendly towards survivors and rebels and very rude towards elites. Jokes around a lot, gives people nicknames and messes with them. Can be very stubborn, unwilling to let go of his ideals, and violent when angry. Believes the plague can be cured, and survivors absolutely must be treated as equals and protected from the elites (who are jerks, because they kill people). Though he makes fun of his friends a lot, he really, really cares about them.
Bio: Mercury grew up with his pretty damn normal family, not always getting along with his sisters (Neon is older and Venus younger) because that's just how siblings are, they still care about each other, though. When the plague hit, they had a big argument thanks to their contrasting moral stances regarding the killing of survivors. Neon and Venus became elites, while Mercury went off on his own and joined the rebels, often spending time with survivors as well. Thanks to this he was infected, but hides it from his fellow rebels.
He is now one of the leaders (along with Morgan) of a group of rebels that branches off from the main one (which is neutral) and is more biased toward the survivors.
Abilities: Playing the kazoo damn well. Not a very good fighter, preferring to talk, flee or cause fights among his enemies, but wields a machete when necessary.
His infection spreads over the surface of any object he touches, causing beings it reaches to be extremely hostile and irrational (toward allies and enemies alike). He wears leather gloves to prevent this from happening, and tries his best not to let it get to him.



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