Bible Camp (Welsh Thread)

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Bible Camp (Welsh Thread)

Post by memecurry on Fri Aug 19, 2016 8:19 pm

Name: Franz Welsh (they usually call him Welsh)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Status: Alive, Elite
Appearance: Short brown hair with a grey streak in the front, brown eyes, beauty mark on his right cheek by his eye. Always very clean, wears formal shirt and high waisted pants, rosary around his neck and sometimes a trench coat.
Elites - member
Lucille - younger sister
Ivory - partner
Casey, Autumn - higher-ups
Allies/friends: Elites
Personality: Polite and genial to everyone, usually calm, talks about religious things a lot, often mentioning god and such. Very hard to anger. Calls everyone brother/sister because they are all children of god.
Bio: Welsh comes from a very conservative and religious christian family, which is why he is so devout. Though his sister never really shared their faith, he still cares for her, believing she's just going through a rebellious phase. He believes that the plague was sent by god, to mark all those sinful and unworthy for elimination, so the unmarked may get rid of them and live together in a corruption-free paradise. He is simply following providence, doing his holy duty when he kills.
Abilities: Prefers to take hostages rather than fighting to kill them on the spot, so he can try and "save their souls" through exorcism. Rather than holy water, he uses bleach as he has found it is more effective. If instructed to kill immediately, he will use a longbow (much like Lucille, as they were both trained in archery in their childhood) because he hates getting dirty from fighting up close.


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