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Post by Fluffers and Little Shit on Fri Aug 19, 2016 9:43 pm

Full name: Ivory Alkins
Gender: Female
Age: 17 1/2 about
Sexuality: Bisexual
E/R/S: Elite
Appearance: Brown curly short hair and almost grayish looking eyes. She usually will wear bright pink lipstick and eyeliner unless if she's just chillin. She has a scar across her lip as well. She wears an olive crop top and a cardigan (black on the outside white inside) with eyes, hands, moons, and such on it and leggings as well as combat boots normally. 5'6 basically a pear shaped build.
Franz- Partner
Autumn- Hate friendship basically
Everyone else- okay ™
Allies/friends: Almost all elites but not all cause some are jackasses.
Personality: She's pretty damn rude and gives no shits whatsoever at times and literally doesn't care during half of the trips their sent on. She can also get pissed off quite easily. She's also basically a hoe but hey it's all kay.
Bio: She was sent into children sex trafficking at a younger age so fuck man. But after the plague went down and shit she was able to escape easily and quickly, lucky enough to not get infected whilst leaving. After she got out she immediately joined the elites, getting to easily blow off anger with murder for the first couple tries but now she just sorta gives no shits about who's alive and who's dead but hey.
Abilities: She's very good with guns, mostly pistols though, and will not hesitate to kill a bitch if they're being petty tbh. She's usually quiet but when given the chance to talk she will gladly take it. She sometimes will stab a hoe if needed though too ™.

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